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Pro Healthcare Solutions Inc believes in a personalized approach, which makes the difference for healthcare providers. We take time to know the needs of a practice to ensure improvements and compliance. 


Given the complexity and evolving nature of medical billing and coding, many healthcare providers are turning to specialized medical billing companies like Pro Healthcare Solutions Inc, to handle these critical tasks.

Outsourcing these services to experts allows healthcare providers to focus on patient care while ensuring efficient revenue cycle management.


Accurate and timely acceptance of medical insurance is essential for obtaining payment from insurance companies. It's complicated, time-consuming, and can cost thousands of dollars if you get it wrong. That's why it's important to partner with credentialing company that has experience and proven track record of success.


Our consultants work closely with practices and healthcare providers to meet Quality Payment Program specific measures. ProHealthcare Inc provides guidance to avoid penalties and comply with CMS regulations.

  • our experts help select and improve practice relevant quality measures
  • training and education to meet CMS guidelines for PI, IA and Quality measures
  • weekly or monthly reports to keep providers up to date
  • submission and attestation of MIPS data to Medicare

To learn more about MIPS and MACRA, click here


Pro Healthcare Solutions Inc provides dedicated Care Management solutions to improve patient care and outcomes for high-risk patient populations. Pro Healthcare Solutions Inc works as an extension of your practice to assist with additional Medicare reimbursement. It is proven that CCM increases patient engagement for preventative treatments and keep high-risk population out of the hospital.

  • our team provides support to improve patient care and optimize outcomes
  • every visit is documented in your EHR system for proper management of patient data
  • monthly patient outreach helps your practice educate patients and coordinate care
To learn more about Chronic Care Management Services, click here


Our consultants spent more than a decade working with physicians and practices to help improve quality, efficiency and compliance. Pro Healthcare Solutions Inc leverages a deep knowledge of EHR systems and training specific to your EHR software to improve practice's performance.
  • EHR implementation
  • training and support
  • one on one consulting


Our experts will help you prepare and collect documentation necessary in case of MIPS program audit.
  • documentation review and consultation
  • submitting data to the auditor